Geometrien als Schöpfungsmuster  



J.A. Wheeler beschrieb 1955 das Konzept von spacetime foam‘ or ‚quantum foam‘ als qualitative Beschreibung von subatomarer Raumzeit Turbulenz:

“The vision of quantum gravity is a vision of turbulence – turbulent space, turbulent time, turbulent space time… space time in small enough regions should not be merely “bumpy,” not merely erratic in its curvature; it should fractionate into ever-changing, multiply connected geometries. For the very small and the very quick, wormholes should be as much a part of the landscape as those dancing virtual particles that give to the electron its slightly altered and magnetism”.


text6-1Foto aus dem Cinderella Programm MiMaMuseum Oberwolfach


 Siehe: Imaginary-Entdeckerbox



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